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Women of Identity Series: Volume 1


22-year-old LaRae Gunther escapes her suffocating small-town life and domineering mother by plunging into art at Northwestern University. After an unexpected tragedy occurs a handsome Norwegian grad student named Lars takes a special interest in her untapped creative gifts. As they go sightseeing in Chicago sparks fly. But when a family need forces LaRae to return home Lars disappears without a forwarding address. To make ends meet LaRae takes on a dreaded secretary job when a shocking letter reveals she has inherited an estate in a tiny coastal town in Norway. LaRae relocates to repair and sell the home. While there, a quirky neighbor introduces her to her a suave art gallery owner. Will LaRae reconsider her loyal love towards Lars and start dating the new suitor? And will she hide her art or accept the offer to exhibit it?

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