A little bit about me

Born in Brooklyn to Norwegian parents, at the age of 3 I returned with them to the rugged seashores of Norway. Steeped into a culture dating back to the Vikings, I listened to stories told by relatives and soon fabricated more to my seven younger siblings. After getting a degree in Education, I taught women in West Africa and picked up a Tennessee husband in the process.

In 1990, we moved to a century old stone house in French-speaking Belgium where Napoleon and Romans had left their mark. As more babies came along, my mind conjured up story lines and characters. Soon I filled journals and notebooks and they took up so much room, I stacked them in my attic. (Yes, I wrote by hand!) These days I reside in Franklin, Tennessee and devote my time to turning these stories into contemporary fiction for women: who love romance, travel and matters of the heart. My Women of Identity Series focuses on female characters ridding themselves of emotional baggage while discovering their God-given potential. And of course I always set the stage so that a breathtaking, head-turning guy appears on the scene, accelerating the character's heartbeat and causing her to swoon.

In the prophet books in the Bible God reveals himself as a father but also as a husband to his people, Israel. I believe that human romance is a reflection of his heart. Although we portray love imperfectly, his covenant love is the supreme perfection of what we innately long for.

I hope you catch glimpses of Him through my writings!


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