Puppies & how to achieve personal growth

These days I’m watching tangible growth happen in real time. My hands touch and palpate the changes. “Am I there yet?” Do you ever ask yourself that question wondering whether you have achieved staying within budget or developed patience with a certain family member? ( Yes, that one. ) Or perhaps you’re trying to stay calm in a hurricane of unexpected life circumstances and wondering if you’re succeeding? I find it difficult to measure my own growth in maturity. But contrary to me, my 14 week old puppy’s development is measurable. In four weeks Skye has gone from 4,5 lbs to 9 and from 10 to 15 inches. As I ruffle her soft fur and run my hand down her legs I marvel at the changes. I pet her snout and notice it has gone from button cute to an elongated pedigree angle. Am I coaching her to grow? Cajoling and begging her to mature? Nope. Instead I provide excellent nutrition, tons of loving and age appropriate exercise. Makes me wonder about my inner personal growth. Instead of stressing about whether I am there yet how about I focus on ingesting the high quality nutrition my Father is offering? What if I cuddle up in his love? What if I buy into his exercise routine for me where I practice patience, budgeting and staying in peace? What if I invest my heart instead of paddling in feeble self efforts? In my novel “Hidden Wings” LaRae will transition from self effort, stress and shame. The journey won’t be easy but she like I will be presented with ample learning opportunities.

Thanks Skye for being a living testimony of how growth happens. I think I’ll follow in your footsteps, oops I mean paw prints.

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