Why I beat my fear of becoming a romantic fiction author

What bubbles beneath your surface? Do you have a song, a poem or an invention that presses against your rib cage demanding to be let out? If you are anything like me you may feel that other responsibilities crowd your schedule and the fear of wasting time on something that may fail paralyzes you...

These three reasons helped me venture into writing my first clean and wholesome fiction novel:

1. Because real people's and even imaginary people's lives are fascinating.

I grew up telling my 7 younger siblings stories. When my 5 children were old enough to understand stories we galloped into new adventures as words tumbled out of my mouth and pulled us into jungles, forests and outer space. A yarn well spun can offer others a well-deserved break, help them laugh and perhaps cause them to bite their fingernails a bit.

2. Because the human heart seeks understanding.

As our family made Africa, Europe and finally America our home, I observed people and events while becoming intrigued most of all by the human heart.

I find our human hearts intricate, wonderful and complex.

But also buried, shattered or lost.

Is the human heart worthy of love and of being made whole?

If so, can story help it find its way back to wholeness and purpose?

Jesus told stories to help us understand truth.

I am telling stories in the hope that you my readers will find help on the journey into your own hearts..

3. Because I have lived half a century and seen the effects of my own self-doubt and self-sabotage and FINALLY decided to do something about it.

I created a main character who is held captive by the fear of failure. LaRae, a frustrated creative, hides behind a people pleasing facade while family members boss her around. But when unforeseen circumstances toss her out of her comfort zone what will she do?

Will she choose to retreat or brave the challenge of falling in love, going abroad to a foreign country and attempt to become an artist? Did sympathizing with her spur me on? Yes. In order for her to experience breakthrough I couldn't quit but had to keep squelching fear to take this project to the finish line.

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