Camping in 40 degrees

Brrr...October camping

Warning: do not sleep in a tent under a Norwegian goose down duvet! Why? Because in 40 degrees Fahrenheit wrapped in fall mist the duvet turns soggy... You may wonder how do I know?

Because I started talking up camping to my granddaughter in July but waited till fall break in October to do it. In a rush to build a backyard fire and do s'mores I simply grabbed my comforter, a sheep skin and wool blankets for our flimsy Walmart tent. Snuggled up with my 6 year old granddaughter I didn't tell her a cougar was spotted in our Tennessee neighborhood that day. But in drifting off I experienced the same chills down my spine as if I were sleeping in the Norwegian wilderness with the possibility of wolves lurking. Woken by our puppy Skye at 4 am I discovered we were both in one piece. Although I caught a cold and the setting was humdrum was it worth it? When I saw Gemma's smile in the morning the answer became a solid "yes". And one day I hope to bring our precious Gem to my home country and venture into the wild.

For more adventure, check out May's latest book "Hidden Wings" on the Books page of this blog.

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