Painting and self-sabotage

In "Hidden Wings" the main character, LaRae, never pictured herself painting on this beach in Mandal, Norway. When I was a child roaming the same shores, I never imagined myself painting either. During LaRae's childhood her mother trashed her art.

My mother complimented me.

Though tempted like LaRae to pick an Art Major degree in college, like her I chose a sensible education degree instead.

People pleasing, sorrow and self-doubt hindered LaRae in using her God given gift.

As for myself I did not realize that our heavenly father values creativity. Out of frustration I painted every wall in my house in vivid colors until one day the light came on: I allowed myself to splash color on a canvas.

The first time I painted a large motif, (of Paris) I panicked at the magnitude of the task. Despising my small, tentative beginning I stuffed the unfinished canvas in our attic.

Seven years ago the voice of my Heavenly Father unexpectedly spoke: "Enjoy! Have Fun! Quit critiquing your every stroke." I decided to take Him seriously. So I blew the dust off my canvas and threw myself into a whirlwind of color. The joy of Holy spirit surged in the process.

What percolates inside you, friend? Do you use your gifts or self-sabotage? If you self-sabotage, I'm here to cheer you on. Since we only get one shot at life in this world, what foot prints do we choose to leave behind? Whether your work is done in a hidden place or a visible one may your foot prints be big and bold and beautiful!

For more adventure, check out May's latest book "Hidden Wings" on the Books page of this blog.

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