Are you a seed pod?

Are you a seed pod or in full growth? LaRae, the main character in my book Hidden Wings reminds me of a seed pod. When looking at a pod it does not reveal much besides its hard shell.

In fact it may appear closed. Unyielding.

Busted open however, life can take root, spurt and in time reveal the plant’s original design.

For a long time I hid inside my own shell.

Do you?

Or perhaps you have a pod family member or friend in your life?

Sometimes I study people-pods from every angle trying to imagine what’s within while yearning for their true self to become manifest.

Perhaps you’ve been standing over a seed cajoling?

Instructing. Encouraging. Prodding.

“Open. Open. Open.”

Praying for the Spirit to work.

For a miracle to be wrought in the deep and hidden places, tucked away from human sight.

If you happen to be hidden inside your own pod today, I encourage you to emerge. May you bloom and may your loved ones bloom alongside our famous LaRae!

For more adventure, check out May's latest book "Hidden Wings" on the Books page of this blog.

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