To infinity and beyond.

My 20 month old granddaughter Isabella is heading out into the great unknown in this photo.

Isn't it the most exciting feeling to do so?

Or perhaps the strangeness of new places turns you apprehensive, causing you to pay more vigilant attention?

Toddlers amaze me. Unaware of lurking dangers nor aware of any possibility of getting lost, they heedlessly waddle off into new adventures.

Consumed with curiosity at the vibrant fall leaves, dropping acorns and a squirrel darting across the path, on this particular day Isabella jabbered with excitement.

During her gleeful escapade I kept a vigilant eye out for stray dogs and rotten tree limbs arching over the trail. When someone's else's trash intrigued her I gently removed it with a "no".

She may have been unaware of the fact that I was her protector and that I took this task seriously.

As an adult I sometimes forget to experience exuberance and to be carefree.

If I was more aware of Father God watching over me, could I possibly relax more and enjoy the journey?

I have had lovely moments of feeling both free and secure.

These days however, moments are not sufficient.

I desire this as a lifestyle.

A holy habit.

God; on our particular path set before us today, please help us re-learn to be childlike?

And as you do so, will you restore holy wonder and glee?

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