Adam, Eve and I.

When Father God made the first two people on earth I wonder what it was like for them to live in a perfect climate? With zero risk of sunburns,dehydration or freezing to death their bodies must have thrived. Since they were clueless as to how future generations would struggle to build shelters and fires, to harvest flax and cut wool off livestock to stave off the cold, did they simply take their perfect environment for granted? I imagine Adam’s and Eve’s shock when they went from having every emotional, spiritual and physical need met to being plunged into a chaos.

What was it like to have tigers and lions who’d been their friends stalk them? What did it feel like to have the soft soil their bare feet had relished taunt them with thorns and sharp rocks? Cuts, aches and bruises, colds and disease must have become as familiar as the new and besetting fear the enemy brought. Oh, what a cost they paid for their independence!

Have you ever felt like pointing your finger at the first couple on earth, accusing them of cherishing their independence over relationship?

Guess what?

We have the same inclination! Today I was arrested by the thought of the Lord God slaughtering an animal and dressing the first man and woman in skins before banning them from Eden. I know God was foreshadowing Jesus the perfect lamb who would shed his own blood to cover them. But did The Father include another message too?

Was he saying: look dearest, fallen children,- from now on you’ll be completely dependent upon me to survive. Look to me for a successful harvest, to help you find shelter, to use the herbs from the ground to heal, to help you be cunning and wise in dealing with the wild animals. Did he say: draw close to me, depend on me, lean into me because from now on I am your only safe place? I don’t know. All I know is this answer works for me. In this broken world that’s not only tilted on its axis geographically but feels off kilter at its core, I am desperate for God to meet me in my places of need. I am profoundly tired of trying to fix things and providing a sheen of safety on my own. So: I am allowing myself to be needy.

I need the Father’s forgiveness in the places I’ve messed up. I need his comfort in the places where others messed up and hurt me. I need his reassurance that he will wrap up everything beautifully in the end. I need his help with my puppy so she can finally get housebroken. I need him to repair my husband’s back. I need fresh energy in the midst of suffocating pollen. I need him to bring hope to my hurting, adult child. I need him in things I don’t even think about. Like in continuing to give me clean water from our faucets so my body can function. I need him to sustain my heartbeat so I can finish this paragraph. In short, like Adam and Eve I am utterly and completely dependent upon him.

After their greatest betrayal, God dressed Adam and Eve. I am grateful for this act of kindness. And I’m thankful for his gentle words today: "look to me and I will cover you. Rely on me and I’ll prove myself to you in every circumstance that preoccupies you. Cease from your independence and let my goodness shine." To follow May Tomlin's blog, click the subscribe button. To order a copy of her book "Hidden Wings" go to the Books page on this site,

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