Advent in our hearts.

Advent season starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The word itself comes from the Latin Adventus Domini which means the coming or arrival of The Lord.

As expectation builds towards Christmas, would you like to celebrate Norway's advent tradition with me?

December 1st we hang this Christmas star in our window. While it shines for our neighbors and spills a warm glow on the snow, let's brew a cup of coffee and throw some batter on the waffle iron. Once the food's ready let's sit town to enjoy it by our advent candle wreath.

Seated at the coffee table we strike a match and light the first candle. Clear your throat as the flame flickers, then join us in singing the first of this four verse song:

We light the first candle.

Alone it must stand.

We wait for the child

who in a manger was laid.

As we sing can we make a decision? What if for a few moments each day we tune out the humdrum and busyness of our society by quieting our spirit? And while quiet we allow joy and anticipation to build. The treasure waiting for us is void of sales gimmicks and Black Friday ads. Remember: the true joy residing in the Christ-child is readily available to you and to me.

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