Don't be a fuming, reeking wick!

32 years ago Hewitt and I spent our honeymoon in Israel. After sailing on the Sea of Galilee and photographing the Capernaum synagogue ruins we went shopping in ancient Jerusalem, While winding down narrow, cobblestone streets and entering tiny shops we a 2000 year old oil lamp caught our eye. Did you know that to the Jewish people these clay lamp were a pure necessity? Without a burning lamp fixed to the interior wall, at night their homes would be pitch dark.But for a lamp to do its job, what does it need? You may have guessed....

1. A wick is definitely a necessity.

2. The second step would be for that wick to get saturated with oil.

As I pondered these facts I found a parallel to us as humans.

Let us liken our body to a clay lamp. Inside your body is your wick aka your soul or spirit. According to Jesus we are the light of the world and meant to shine. So this leads to the question: unless there is an available oil supply what good are we?

In the Bible the Holy Spirit is likened to oil. Fortunately for us, when Jesus went back up to heaven he decided to send Holy Spirit down to us on the earth, This must mean that Holy Spirit is available. So do I take advantage of this fabulous reality? The spiritual practice of sitting before God and emptying our hearts before him is old. In that place his hands are freed up to comfort, guide and enlighten. In that place Holy Spirit pour balms on our wounds and strengthens our weak places.. Unfortunately, instead of drawing close I sometimes notice a different pattern in me.

In Psalm 139, verse 7 David asked: Where can I flee from your presence, Where can I go from your Spirit?

Do you flee like I do from time to time?

My way of fleeing is when I act as if everything else is more important than saturating myself in Holy Spirit.

Technically, I don't want to do prioritize everything else.

But many times my mind and body steer me into frantic busyness. As I bounce about I find that worry, hurts and resentment build and I may snap at my husband or stew in negativity juices, in short I start reeking.

So today as I write, I am sitting here and breathing in.

I inhale you Holy Spirit.

And as I do, I exhale any stress that has dried me up and caused me to fume.

Sorry Holy Spirit for reeking. Please come fill me to the brim. I need fresh oil. And sorry if people who have been inhaling my odorous smell.

And most of all, thank you for not snuffing me out!

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