Climbing out windows.

My coping mechanism has in large part been adopted from the snail. When life feels hard I hole up, shut down and invent a million excuses to avoid doing things I don't want to do.

Winter is an example.

As a kid, I made up my mind that I abhor the cold, the dark season.

While my siblings frolicked in the snow, I shivered yet envied their enthusiasm.

Enthusiastic people fascinate me, especially the ones that seem joyful when everything in their life justifies spiraling into despair.

This winter I have partnered with God to push the reset button of my mind.

When I wake up with a bad attitude, I put on long underwear, sweaters and a down parka and head outdoors. With expectancy I ask God what he wants to show me. One day he highlighted crystal gems on a branch (aka raindrops). Today he dusted a fresh white coat over weary, muddy places. On a freezing day in January he put a tiny gold star beneath the ice in a puddle. Its sparkle scintillated with heaven joy.

Today, I remembered when we got snowed in in Norway and couldn't open the front door. My cousin was getting married that day. Instead of calling to cancel their attendance, my parents climbed out of their bedroom window, wearing back packs with their party clothes inside then skied to the main road to catch a very expensive cab.

Their mindset helped them share the joy of celebrating a beautiful love story of a fisherman marrying a daughter whose father survived a Nazi concentration camp.

This, friends, is the mindset I aim to acquire. Instead of holing up I want to climb out of the windows God opens for me!

Will you join me?

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